Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedges Galore

I have a girlfriend, whom I will not name, who hates wedges.  She doesn't own a single pair. I am BAFFLED by this! Hopefully with the help of this year's greatest wedge collection, I'll swing her over from the dark side onto the wedge-side.  I love pairing them with just about everything. Wide leg / trouser jeans, skinny jeans, rompers, shorts, skirts, name it. Shockingly enough, I've actually found a few decently priced pairs to covet...& of course a few that are a bit more expensive...

I'm all about the espadrille wedge with the ankle strap. (No seriously, just wait) These are Kelsey by Kelsey Dagger, come in three colors & are only $65! Check them out here

 ...Stuart.Weitzman.Is.Genius. ...I would die for these babies, & 100% willing to shell out $398 for them.

Very similiar to S.Weitzman's "Alex" sandal (which I tweet about on a weekly basis), these Aldo wedges are 1/6 (!!!) of the price ($50)

I love the hardware & the classic color of the Tory Burch Carys Wedge ($325). The leather looks as smooth as butter.

Mentioned here, I still love the Aldo Asidia Wedges ($80) ...& I still intend to buy them!

P.S. Please don't hesitate to email me if you'd like to donate to my wedge-fund.  It's looking pretty limp & I have a loooooong wishlist ;)

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  1. wedges are too good. Hopefully you may convince your girfriend, I wish so. But the wedges are really awesom and fashionable.
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