Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA Fashion Wins

I was definitely entertained by last nights' VMA's. JayZ + Kanye's performance, Beyonce's baby bump, & Chris Brown's unbelievable dance moves.  Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed with the red (black) carpet looks. Beyonce was best dressed (& glowing!) in Lanvin, while I've never seen Selena Gomez look better. Who were your picks for the night?

Winning looks:
Love love love the color -wish she did more with her hair.
Just the right amount of detail & leg while remaining age appropriate.
 Pretty sure Taylor Lautner would look dapper wearing a potato sack.
 Foster The People - all so handsome.
 Demi Lovato - just a liiiiitle too boob-a-licious, but overall I like the dress.  Maybe she should've gone up half a size?
 Kim K in a gunmetal floor length backless gown.  Love.
 Tyler Hoechlin I may have added because he is a total babe.  TOTAL babe.  I think I'm in love??
Zoe Saldana in Barbara Bui. Boy does she need a cheeseburger. Do love the dress though!
 Maria Menounos in Amanada Wakeley. I love the double straps, but not sold on the large zipper down the front.
 Louise Roe in Tibi
photos via MTV

Alexander Wang

Another post about Alexander Wang - I just couldn't help myself. I want everything, & had a very hard time telling myself no when I stopped into his Soho boutique.  The bags have fresh twists on classic looks & you already know how I feel about his newest shoe collection.
{Emile Tote $975}

{Georgie $495}

{Ayemline $575}

{Caroline $525}
{Devere Shoulder Bag $855}

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Borrowed From The Boys

We all know the best addition to a sleek pencil skirt is to borrow a shirt from the closet of our mate, roll up the sleeves & starch the collar. Now we can thank them for inspiring some of fall's hottest outfits - of course kicked up a notch with feminine detail. I love the idea of an oxford paired with a blazer in classic tones with a sharp pair of {trousers in a fun color}.  My favorite trends inspired by those men that we love:

The tuxedo blazer:
Classic Men's Timex Watch:
Formal tassels with some height:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Product Review

I always trust the opinions of those whose blogs I read on a daily basis when it comes to products. It's easier for me to invest in a product (typically pricey) when someone gives it a rave review - rather than some sales associate trying to get me out of the store spending $300. Some products are pricey, others aren't..but I will tell you these are the things I currently cannot live without. Also - I tried to link the products to the cheapest site I could find them on, I don't want to rip off my readers :)

Dry Shampoo. I have very very oily hair. If I wash my hair at 7am for the day, it will look pretty horrible (& flat) by 9pm - which means I'm typically not looking too great if I go out after work. Reagan my stylist recommended shampooing my hair less (not possible) & investing in a few products that will combat the grease.  DO NOT waste your money on any of the dry shampoos sold at Sephora.  To be honest, none of them really worked on my hair, it would just look matted & caked with goop/dust.  Psssssst! (did I get the number of s's right?) on the other hand works, & works well.  I keep a can in my gym bag, in my bathroom, & in my purse (hallelujah it's sold in travel size!) Have I mentioned a full size can is only $7? Buy both sizes {here}!
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.  Again, another recommendation from Reagan.  You've probably already scanned this paragraph, saw the price, & think I'm crazy - I promise I'm not!  If you're not ready to commit to a $40 bottle of dry texturizing spray, I completely understand.  The only reason why I bought this is because Reagan let me try it out for myself at the salon. Oribe Dry Texturizing spray is like spraying clean dirt into your hair.  Lift hair, spray at roots & it will instantly provide texture & lift to your hair.  Remember how I said it's like clean dirt? Well that's because it also acts like a dry shampoo. I blowdry my hair, spray a little at the roots to give it that messy voluminous look & throughout the day the "clean dirt" soaks up the oil in my hair. As mentioned above, my hair gets greasy after 12 hrs. With Oribe in my hair, it isn't looking greasy after 24 hours. For a product to work this many wonders on my difficult hair, I HAVE to give it a 5 star rating, price & all.  Luckily Oribe makes a travel size can (which can also be found at Barney's) so if you're not ready to pull the trigger on the bigboy, get the smaller can. I promise {this stuff} will win you over :) (Amazon also sells the larger bottle a little cheaper (here)
Stay up late all the time & frequently blessed with dark circles? Join the club.  Smashbox's Photo Op Under Eye Brightener adds just the right amount of highlighter and moisture prepping the skin for concealer application.  Also boasts lots of skin health boosting ingredients like vitamin E & marine collagen to disguise & repair lines & wrinkles. The tube looks fairly small, but I've had mine for over 18mos & my supply isn't getting remotely low.  Little goes a long way, & for {$18} that's a steal!

I don't spray tan. I end up screwing it up, get weird blotches, look ridiculous - just can't do it.  I also don't believe in fake n' baking anymore.  At one point I became jaded by the anti-tanning advertisements & warnings because they were everywhere - but in all honesty, it really is THAT bad for you.  I don't want skin cancer at 30 yrs old, & neither should you.  Alright, onto happier topics - TanTowels! My girlfriends laugh at me when I pull these out of my makeup bags & start rubbing every square inch of my body with a tiny little towel, but A. they work incredibly well B. there is no messy bottle to travel with C. I'll have a nice glowing radiant tan for a week. Laugh all you want bitches. Many beauty supply stores sell individual towelettes if you have committment problems & can't buy a box.  Don't buy a box in the store, they're so expensive! Buy {here} & all of us healthy tan people can unite!
I talked alot about Reagan didn't I? She's pretty genius.  You should probably just visit her blog {here}.
**These reviews are my own personal opinions - I did not receive any incentive or compensation.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know what you're thinking.  ANOTHER deal site. Trust me, I felt the same way. I promise you I wouldn't take the time to write an entire blog post if this wasn't absolutely worth it.  I first heard of Mintbox through various friends who went to Northeastern University with the founder.  I decided to check it out for myself, thinking I already knew of the best deal sites on the internet.  Boy was I wrong.  When you sign up for Mintbox, you're not getting a daily email about deals that start promptly at 11am EST.  You're not bidding on select styles, in select quantities, and racing to the checkout before products are bought by other sellers.  Mintbox allows you to shop online as well as in stores.
Allow me to explain.
First step is registering the credit card you will be making purchases with.
For online offers, you RSVP to the sale, & receive a confirmation text or email with an exclusive Mintbox offer code.  Enter the code when checking out on the retailer's website (paying with the card on file at Mintbox) & receive the deal as WELL as cash back.

My sister wanted a Rebecca Minkoff bag as part of her graduation present. Knowing how often Bloomingdale's / Nordstrom's send out their "Friends&Family" deals, I had planned to wait until I could get a significant portion off the total price before purchasing.  Mintbox sent me an email with the subject line: Rebecca Minkoff - 20% off + 5% cash back.  I RSVP'd, entered the promotion code for 20% off on (free shipping too!) & placed the order.  Two days later 5% of the purchase (before 20% off) was in my Mintbox account & I paid it out right back onto my card.

Mini mac clutch: $195 + 20% off = $156
Cashback $195 + 5% back on my card = $9.75

Total price of bag: $156 - $9.75 = $146.25

For in-store events, you simply click RSVP on any event or deal that you'd like to shop. You'll receive a text &/or email confirmation that will guarantee your access.  Simply show your confirmation at checkout & pay with your registered credit card to get the deal & the cash back into your Mintbox account.

If you shop as much as I do, you need to be a Mintbox member. Besides, paying full price for luxury goods is just silly!

Join {HERE}

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

I die.  I have long been a fan of menswear...for women. Blazers, loafers, the classic boyfriend shirt - but these shoes are on a new level. For those of us not willing to drop $650 on silver metallic heels try these {knock offs} that are 1/4 the price!

{Alexander Wang Anais $650}

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gifts For The Mrs.

As if I needed an excuse to squeeze a shot of peonies on here!  Anyone have any suggestions for cute bridal gifts?  There seems to be a hole in the market for Mr. & Mrs. goods ....or perhaps I'm not looking in the right spots.  I bought my girlfriend Meghan this {necklace} to wear on her honeymoon, I wish I could post a picture of how great it looks on - understated & chic.  I wish there was more in the marketplace!

via pinterest

Shreve Crump & Low vs. Jonathan Adler

This or that?
Shreve Crump & Low $95
Jonathan Adler $95

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Do you use Pinterest? Much like the rest of society, I adore it.  As a matter of fact, I love it a little too much.  "Pinning over my morning coffee" has turned into hours out of my day. If you would like to request an invite, email me {here} & if you would like to follow me + Avoiding A Quarterlife Crisis can do that {here}!

"You can have it all, because you don’t have to do it all perfectly"

The always chic Jenna Lyons.  6'5 in heels + creative director of J.Crew + ingeniously forward & always managing to out-do herself, needless to say over the years I have developed a strong affinity for her.  She would be another "layering genius" in my book - always somehow managing to pair just the right amount of colors / textures with complimenting accessories. I am convinced you're born with this ability - it cannot be taught. Don't be surprised when they rename J.Crew to Jenna Crew.

images via Vogue + NY Mag
Need more on Jenna? Read NY Mag's recent article here
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