Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amber Venz + Courtney Kerr

Did any of you watch Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas?  Five scenes into episode one I knew Courtney Kerr was a girl after my own heart.  She is one well-accessorized gal, & I could not keep my eyes off her harness necklace (worn in the infamous sake-bombing scene).  Though not cheap, the "Jane" necklace by Amber Venz is a serious statement piece that would be the perfect addition to a black silk jumpsuit.

Amber Venz Jane Harness Necklace $364
I cannot wait to see what else Courtney brings this season, she would kill it in NYC....
(sorry for the crapster image quality)

Update: Courtney chose to indeed wear the harness with a black jumpsuit (check it out here)! I knew we were soulsisters...

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