Sunday, August 14, 2011

An ode to myself.

Lately I've received tweets & emails wondering why I don't have an "about me" section or page, & truthfully, I'm not entirely sure what I'd write! Thus the idea of a small post was born (& perhaps maybe a series), without futher ado -
10 little nuances about me.

- I live in NYC, formerly Boston MA, formerly Durham, NH & beyond that I'll save for later gators
- In my last life I was a hairdresser. In this life I'm a 25 year old who is neurotic about her hair (right down to knowing what city/town's water will ruin my blowout & refusing to leave my apartment til I'm satisfied with my'do)
- I can't & won't eat cereal out of a bowl.  Only pint glasses or coffee mugs.
- When I wear red lipstick I do horrible things. Hor-ri-ble.
- I have a pretty bad case of wanderlust. re: wan·der·lust: the insatiable desire to travel the world
- I began this blog as a way to catalogue all of my internet finds & products I've stumbled upon. Two years has it grown!
- I am a total sucker for liliacs & pink peonies but... isn't everyone?
- I prefer cocktailing to shopping, shopping to writing, and writing to working. Traveling pretty much trumps all of those. I guess that might be standard when you work in finance!
- In a perfect world I would live in New England during the summer & fall, & Southern California in the winter & spring.  All major holidays would be spent in New Hampshire
- My biggest battle has been to stop & take a moment to be thankful for what I have & the incredible life I live.  Every year my New Year's resolution is to stop chasing the next best thing.

via Hamburg Kennedy

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