Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know what you're thinking.  ANOTHER deal site. Trust me, I felt the same way. I promise you I wouldn't take the time to write an entire blog post if this wasn't absolutely worth it.  I first heard of Mintbox through various friends who went to Northeastern University with the founder.  I decided to check it out for myself, thinking I already knew of the best deal sites on the internet.  Boy was I wrong.  When you sign up for Mintbox, you're not getting a daily email about deals that start promptly at 11am EST.  You're not bidding on select styles, in select quantities, and racing to the checkout before products are bought by other sellers.  Mintbox allows you to shop online as well as in stores.
Allow me to explain.
First step is registering the credit card you will be making purchases with.
For online offers, you RSVP to the sale, & receive a confirmation text or email with an exclusive Mintbox offer code.  Enter the code when checking out on the retailer's website (paying with the card on file at Mintbox) & receive the deal as WELL as cash back.

My sister wanted a Rebecca Minkoff bag as part of her graduation present. Knowing how often Bloomingdale's / Nordstrom's send out their "Friends&Family" deals, I had planned to wait until I could get a significant portion off the total price before purchasing.  Mintbox sent me an email with the subject line: Rebecca Minkoff - 20% off + 5% cash back.  I RSVP'd, entered the promotion code for 20% off on (free shipping too!) & placed the order.  Two days later 5% of the purchase (before 20% off) was in my Mintbox account & I paid it out right back onto my card.

Mini mac clutch: $195 + 20% off = $156
Cashback $195 + 5% back on my card = $9.75

Total price of bag: $156 - $9.75 = $146.25

For in-store events, you simply click RSVP on any event or deal that you'd like to shop. You'll receive a text &/or email confirmation that will guarantee your access.  Simply show your confirmation at checkout & pay with your registered credit card to get the deal & the cash back into your Mintbox account.

If you shop as much as I do, you need to be a Mintbox member. Besides, paying full price for luxury goods is just silly!

Join {HERE}

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