Friday, June 10, 2011

Color Wheels

A visit to Horchow earlier this week brought me great surprise.  Much like the racks at Zara, Horchow has decided to take an classic design and spruce it up with bursts of vibrant color. 

While I'm all for tasting the rainbow, I cannot really see myself placing the whole array of colors around a dining table in mi casa. I do however, love the colors on either side of the yellow chair - lime green and tangerine.  I think the lime green chair would look perfect in my bedroom, and I would happily find a place for 4 of the tangerine chairs. 

Horchow Melody Chairs $899

Thoughts? Could you pull off the rainbow array?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The narcissist in me...

..surely loves designer names, but I'd rather see my own name all over my apartment. Enter: Luxury Monograms, the chicest way to adorn your residence (& self) with your own branding. Their large selection of solid & patterned fabrics suit even my finicky taste.  With wedding season in full swing, monogrammed decorative pillows are the perfect gift for any couple / new baby / single gal (holla).  More from Luxury Monograms below:

images via Luxury Monograms

I'm loving the pillows & tote bags for bridal party gifts...if only I had my own bridal party to buy them for. & if I'm not mistaken I believe I spy some L'Objet china & Calvin Klein flatware...[super fancy]

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


At the airport..people are constantly asking me where I got my colorful notebook. I am always pulling one out of my purse to write down a memo to myself, an address, a thought, a to-do...anything really.  I cannot rave about these Paperthink notebooks enough. I bring them to work (out with the good 'ol Black&Reds & in with the Paperthinks!) to take notes during meetings...I bring them everywhere, & there is a color choice for everyone. Each notebook is made with 100% recycled leather & 50% recycled paper. At $6 a piece they hardly break the bank, & the soft leather is far less likely to get destroyed in (a bottomless pit) bag like mine.  ...Go on, order three for $15 & your super-organized-self can thank me later!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts Need To Be Provoked.

For those of you that know, or don't know rather - I moved to NYC (in a crazy/packed uhaul/screaming) whirlwind. I have a lovely apartment, with very little natural light & stark white walls... I need some major inspiration.  Majority of my thoughts & time have gone to getting used to this city (that I had visited TWICE prior to moving) - a new job - & a new company.  Not much left in the creative juices area. Now that I have some time to breathe, I'd like to make my new apartment feel like a home rather than a dreary lifeless hotel.  I don't think I can paint the walls (then again, when have I ever followed rules?) thus here is my inspiration for white walls!

images via The Decorista

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little bit of sunshine...

...can go a long way.  In previous seasons I have strayed far away from the yellow color spectrum.  Wayyyy too bright for this black/charcoal loving gal.  Lately I've seen lots of daffodill yellow roaming the streets of NYC -& I must say, the color looks great on everyone.  Enhances the tan of brunettes, striking contrast for redheads, and highlights the warmth of the buttery blondes.

Grab a bright bold clutch...

Marc by Marc Jacobs
  Gorgeous TIBI dress for a summer evening event...

TIBI One-shoulder silk habotai dress
  Giraffe print bangles - two trends in one.  Love

Kenneth Jay Lane Bangles
  Looking for a quick easy way to add some sunshine to your look?  Take notes from AnnaLynne McCord who isn't afraid to let her nails glow

Try CND Colour in Bicycle Yellow
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