Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Crush: La Dama

Lately, I have been naturally gravitating towards stag-inspired things.  They've become very popular in designed elements, but never before have I seen them available for wear...untilllllllllllllll this.

I am absolutely in love with this ring:

14 Point Stag Ring $230

Friday, January 21, 2011

Girl Crush: Gwyneth Paltrow

Regardless of naming her children Apple & Moses, I still love Gwyneth Paltrow.  She entered 2011 with a legitimate bang, gracing the cover of InStyle (with an amazing pictorial). She is as successful as she is beautiful, & manages to seem incredibly down to earth even in her pictures. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recently announced, Calypso St. Barth is coming to Target in May2011 - hallllllelujah!
"Calypso St. Barth for Target will be a limited-edition collection of clothing and accessories for women, girls and baby, plus home goods including candles, decorative pillows, dinnerware, glassware and serving pieces, all ranging in price from $1.99 to $79.99."
I am beyond excited.  Calyspo St. Barth is known for is luxe beach vibe attire, tunics&caftans, amazing silk dresses & home decor. Rumored to only be on sale through June, you can count on me getting to a Target the day stock hits shelves. Looks from Calypso's 2010 Cruise Collection:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simply Delectable.

For years I have been a fan of designer, Tracy Reese. I cannot describe my affinity for her in any other way than how I shop her collection.  If I am ever in need of a dress to a graduation, or a wedding, or a cocktail event - she is whom I look to first. I have never once worried about a certain dress fitting differently than another in her collection. Tracy Reese has become my go-to choice over the years - & let me tell you, these dresses last. I am consistently in awe as each collection debuts!  Below are my favorites from her newest arrivals. Fun & flirty, I want all of these pieces in my closet for my April trip to Barbados!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Positive Energy & Thoughts

I'm exercising mind over body lately..I have been so sick lately, & for the majority of this winter season.  I have run out of medicines & protocols to follow, so I am going to simply try positive thinking.  Lulu Lemon's mission statement is a great place to start!

I'll let you know if this works, veryyy skeptical!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girl Crush: Natalie Portman

Ever since seeing Black Swan, I am totally obsessed with Natalie Portman.  I remember thinking she was great in Closer (2004) when she played Alice, the seductive stripper who gets to makeout with Jude Law & then Clive Owen. When I wikipedia-ed this bombshell, I learned quite a few interesting things about her! For starters - Natalie Portman is just her stage name.  Her real name is Natalie Hershlag. I've always wondered why actors/actresses use stage names even when their origional names are not hard to pronounce...?  At only 29 years old, she is smashing the box office with a fury.  Graced with uncanny beauty, she is not just another face in Hollywood. Natalie recieved her bachelors degree in Psychology from Harvard University. She's incredibly talented (as we all know), smart & gorgeous - & also a vegan.  Score one for the meateaters!

I was pleased to see Natalie is on the January2011 cover of Vogue - with a great article accompanying it.
Wouldn't mind one bit if I woke up tomorrow morning & looked exactly like her...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Struggles & 2011 Improvements

My design crush, Erin Gates, whom I have posted about before - wrote the most thought provoking post on her blog in regards to 2011. I found the excerpt below to be so true, & applicable to my own life. It put me at ease knowing there are so many other women I admire struggling with the same basic concepts I am.
"...But what IS perfect? It’s not like there is a definition in the dictionary that outlines it so you can make a check list. That’s why perfectionism is so dangerous- just watch Black Swan and you’ll see. It hardly ever comes from external pressures, but rather the internal pressures we put on ourselves for no reason- and they are endless. Your body has to be this size, your hair this way, your bank account this full, your closet stacked with this and that, a spouse with these credentials. But what’s so wrong with eating pizza two nights in a row? Or trying a new hair cut and hating it? Or doing something you love for less money? Or loving someone because they make you laugh and don’t have an impressive title. I want to gift myself that freedom this year. That sweet, cool breeze of being in the moment and enjoying life for it’s imperfections and it’s beauty in equal measure. I don’t want to waste a single second more fretting over the grass that’s greener over there on the other side or what I think everyone expects of me."
-Adios 2010
I think this is the perfect mantra to live by in 2011!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Swan

I typically do not go see a whole lot of movies.  My sister had asked me on Christmas if I had any interest in seeing Black Swan & I am so glad we went.  The movie was unbelievable. I may be Natalie Portman's new #1 fan. She & Mila Kunis nailed their parts, & the story line was brilliant.  Initially after leaving the movie theatre, I was speechless. It was so intense & truly captivating, that I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  The next day I decided while slightly disturbing, it was also brilliant.  I recommend you see the movie - not with your boyfriend, but with your sister or girlfriend.  He'll end up hating ballet more than he already does!

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