Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Struggles & 2011 Improvements

My design crush, Erin Gates, whom I have posted about before - wrote the most thought provoking post on her blog in regards to 2011. I found the excerpt below to be so true, & applicable to my own life. It put me at ease knowing there are so many other women I admire struggling with the same basic concepts I am.
"...But what IS perfect? It’s not like there is a definition in the dictionary that outlines it so you can make a check list. That’s why perfectionism is so dangerous- just watch Black Swan and you’ll see. It hardly ever comes from external pressures, but rather the internal pressures we put on ourselves for no reason- and they are endless. Your body has to be this size, your hair this way, your bank account this full, your closet stacked with this and that, a spouse with these credentials. But what’s so wrong with eating pizza two nights in a row? Or trying a new hair cut and hating it? Or doing something you love for less money? Or loving someone because they make you laugh and don’t have an impressive title. I want to gift myself that freedom this year. That sweet, cool breeze of being in the moment and enjoying life for it’s imperfections and it’s beauty in equal measure. I don’t want to waste a single second more fretting over the grass that’s greener over there on the other side or what I think everyone expects of me."
-Adios 2010
I think this is the perfect mantra to live by in 2011!

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