Sunday, August 21, 2011

More About Moi

- I have an obsession with ombré. Ombré knits, dresses, hair, accessories, ..anything. I've scoured the web looking for ombré pillows / fabric & sadly have come up empty handed.
- There are few things in this world that I love more than Diet Sunkist & Cocoa Crispies.
- I love to cook, but only cook when I'm in a relationship or hosting.  Otherwise I eat cereal & PBJ for dinner. Weird right?
- I love curling up under my UNH (holla!) sweatshirt blanket (& oversized Syracuse shirt) during a thunderstorm & reading blogs for hours on my ipad.
- One of the many things I adore about my girlfriends - we're big fans of handwritten cards & find there is always a reason to send someone you love a card
- Baking + me do not mix.  I hate precise recipes.  I follow recipes like I live my life - making it up as I go with a dash of this + dash of that & hoping it'll all work out for the greater good in the end
- Though I have lived in NY much longer than MA, I believe Boston is my true home & often catch myself telling people "home" is Boston...& if I had to live one place for the rest of my time on this earth - it would be New Hampshire. Magical place I tell ya.
- I will try just about anything off of a plate after 2 glasses of champagne. This was not always the case!
- I was a Social Work major who hand intentions of going to law school but now works on Wall Street but really wants to just decorate lavish residences & travel the world one warm destination at a time. It's difficult for me to even keep up with myself.
- I tend to think I can do & accomplish anything - I rarely acknowledge limits.

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