Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did anyone else grow up reading books by Shel Silverstein?  My sister & I would each get one of his books at Christmas & I can so vividly remember reading them over...& over...& over. I found one of his poems again & fell in love.  I'm now wondering where all of my Shel Silverstein books are...

A Closet Full of Shoes
Party shoes with frills & bows,
Workin’ shoes with steel toes,
Sneakers, flip-flops. & galoshes,
Brogans, oxfords, satin pumps,
Dancin’ taps & wooden clumps,
Shoes for climbin’ shoes for hikes,
Football cleats and baseball spikes,
Shoes of shiny patent leather,
Woolly shoes for winter weather,
Loafers, rough-outs, sandals, spats,
High heels, low heels, platforms, flats,
Moccasins and fins and flippers,
Shower clogs ballet slippers…
A zillion shoes & just one missin’--
That’s the one that matches this’n

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