Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Favorites

Olivia Palermo & Tibi.  Tibi's summer collection are the things great vacations are comprised of.  Strolling through the streets & markets of St. Maarten, sipping cocktails in Montego Bay, & watching the sunset in Aruba.  (Can you tell I love the Caribbean?) I am secretly praying a few of my friends will choose to have a destination wedding on a white sandy beach so I may be provided with numerous excuses to purchase Tibi dresses for the occasions. A girl can dream right?

Naturally they chose the gorgeous&sophisticated Olivia Palermo as their spokesmodel.  She exemplifies everything Tibi represents.

I would wear this one to brunch, just prior to parking myself on a loungechair in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon.

I would wear this gorgeous silk maxi dress to a beach wedding reception, with my hair pulled back & earrings to die for.

...Can't go wrong with any of these anywhere.
Images via Tibi

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