Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take Me On A Getaway

I have 4 weeks until I'm off to Barbados for 8 long luxurious days.  In those 4 weeks I need to replace my "lost" (misplaced) passport & stock up on some fresh new getaway looks.  Without having much time to peruse Newbury St. lately, (work - combined with the deathly cold weather Boston has had) my "getaway looks" currently amount to a big fat zero. I did however, find some inspiration from Anthropologie...they epitomize Caribbean vacations in my mind.  Flowy garments with ruffles & bold happy colors. 

How amazing is this look? The "top" is actually a bathing suit...please note: This is the first one-piece bathing suit I have ever fallen in love with.  I would wear those pants...everywhere.  Coming in from the beach...brunch...cocktail

 Another one-piece...though this one is strapless. I'm not entirely convinced I can frolic around in the waves wearing a strapless one-piece...I'm pretty sure it would end up around my waist. 

P.S. If anyone has been into Club Monaco recently...or perused their resort lookbook - I am very disappointed with the number of long silk skirts they have.  I get the maxidress trend, I'm all over it (if it's in a breathable frabric where my undercarriage won't get overheated) but long silk skirts??? Come on! I'd like to cut every single one of them up into functional racerback tanks.  Silk.don't.breathe.

What're your favorite vacation getaway looks?

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