Friday, March 11, 2011

"Don't fuss, dear; get on with it." - Audrey Hepburn

I have a hair obsession.  Born with the hair-gene, I am obsessive compulsive about my hair. The length, the health, the sheen, the frizz control, the name it.  I have curly hair, that I blow dry straight veryyy meticulously - ..daily.  In the summer I will let it run wild - but in the winter I prefer a sleek blowout with just enough curl at the ends & volume at the roots.  With hair products bad&good literally POLLUTING the market, my life & my hair has become a trial&error.  I have almost solidified my "must haves" in each category, but not quite.  Until then, here is my work in progress:

Straight Hair Days:
1. Deep conditioner. Essential to healthy ends.  I leave this miracle worker on the last 2 inches of my hair for 5 minutes & rinse.  Whoever created this deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously.  L'Oreal's EverSleek sulfate-free smoothing conditioner contains sunflower&olive oils to nourish hair for 48 hr frizz control.  ....It really does last 48 hours.

2.BedHead After Party. TIGI recommends working a dime-size amount between palms of hands & smoothing onto dry hair, which I'm sure works.........BUT I work a nickel sized amount into damp hair & blowdry smooth with a round brush. FYI - this product retails usually between $15-$20 in stores....order it offline. Save yourself the money - trust me. 
Curly Unruly Haired Days: 

3. Fekkai's Luscious Curl Enhancing Cream, a frizz-fighting styling lotion, is made specifically to enhance & sculpt curls on curly hair. "Frizz-fighting" is the key term here - it's my biggest problem, & it is this product's biggest asset.  I comb a nickel-sized amount through fairly wet hair, spray on my next product & walk out the door.  No joke. Easiest routine I've ever had in my life.

4. Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray.  There is MAGIC in this little bottle. Anyone can use this product.  It adds body to fine hair, texture to smooth hair, volume to flat hair. Enhances waves, gives waves, calms crazy curly hair. Ideally, you would spray a *few* squirts of this onto damp hair & either dry naturally or blow dry with a diffuser. Personally, I use it all the time.  After a 6 hour flight, this is the first thing I grab out of my bag to spritz into my hair to wake up dull lifeless locks. The less you touch your hair, the longer the surf spray will hold.


5. Fekkai Full Volume Mousse, a secret formula developed to address the specific needs of different hair types. Adds lift to roots & texture to ends with a golf ball-sized dollop of this lightweight styling mousse. Builds body & volume, plumps Hair. I generally put one-pump's worth of mousse onto the roots of my hair at the crown of my head, & blowdry with a round brush, lifting the roots as I dry.

6. *That round brush I keep referencing? It's a Moroccan Oil 2 1/8" Round Brush. Made with Ceramic and Ionic properties, the Ceramic helps to retain heat better and to evenly and consistently distribute heat over a wider spectrum of frequencies, therefore reducing the total drying time. The ions found within the brush bristles repel water which also leads to faster drying time and act in a similar manner as a conditioner - smoothing the cuticle of each strand and resulting in shiny, healthy hair. Buy it - it works. 

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