Friday, December 3, 2010

Life In A Playlist

One of life's smallest pleasures is turning on the radio & hearing a song that brings you right back to a moment in time.  You instantly remember who you were with, the feeling you had, & the memories associated with it.  I love that! Opening the floodgates & going right back.  When you're out with girlfriends & the dj plays a song that reminds all of you of when you shared an apartment, played the song on repeat, shared each others clothes, & giggled all the time.  That right there my friends, is life&love at its finest.  I've done my best to create a playlist of those songs in my life.  The ones that send me back in time to relive goodtimes & badtimes in an instant.

While I'd love to post photos of my friends & I back-in-the-day-buffet when we acutally listened to each of the songs, they'd probably have my head on a platter if I ever shared them with the public.

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