Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love shopping at Anthropologie - not only does the store transform any poor mood of mine into a fabulous one, but I could get lost in their home decor & knick-nacs section for hours.  On one particular display of books, I picked up the Fortune Telling Birthday Book - & flipped through to find mine. (Please excuse crappy blackberry pic)  I was shocked at how dead on it was. 

Barnes & Noble $8.95

Could it be that who we become is predetermined by our birthdays? Make note I'll be purchasing this book for my bookcase (that is currently in design stages).

I obviously had to have this for my bookcase too. A chic new twist on the old Alice in Wonderland cover!

Clothbound Peguin Classics - Alice In Wonderland $20

Many others to choose from as well - popping up in stores everywhere.  I noticed these in Club Monaco as well. The linen cases stamped with great colorful patterns make these books impossible not to buy.

Penguin Clothbound Classics

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