Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Crush: Jacquelyn + Lark & Linen

Do any of you read blogs that bring you to a calm serene place? Lark & Linen does that for me. Toronto based Jacquelyn of Lark & Linen has such a keen eye for beautiful pieces - not trumped by her own good looks. For those of us in the states who are eagerly anticipating our Thanksgiving, check out Jacquelyn's inspiration here. I was fortunate enough to get Jacquelyn on board for my blogger interview series (see Concrete Catwalk here) - if you don't adore her after reading this, well then you're crazy.

When hosting a gathering (of any size) what is your go to recipe?

It’s funny because I’ve pretty much perfected thai and asian cooking, but couldn’t cook standard fare to save my life. Well, to be fair to myself, I haven’t really tried, but the idea is daunting for some reason. I’ve never roasted a chicken or grilled a steak, but pad thai? No problem! Enchiladas, pho, miso soup? No big deal! I’m big into curries and always gravitate towards green curry chicken when feeding my friends and loved ones. It’s the dish I’ve more or less mastered and always get requests for it whenever I’m in the kitchen (this recipe is a great one).

Three products you cannot live without?

chapstick (I cannot live without this one), my blackberry (I hate to admit that) and my hair straightner (which doubles as a curling iron). My morning do is all kinds of messy without that thing to tame my locks. If my straightner isn’t available, just hand me some bobby pins. Please. And hurry!

Item you are currently coveting

I’m currently on the hunt for some Turkish bath towels to warm up our bathroom. They’re super absorbant, dry almost instantly and have such a beautifully organic look to them. They’re definitely on my wish list!

New edition to your playlist

I’ve recently really started to listen to Angus & Julia Stone. Their song Big Jet Plane is my absolute favourite for the moment – I’m sure my boyfriend is sick of hearing it (on repeat - poor guy)

Most memorable quote

“You can do anything, but not everything” – David Allen. I recently found this quote while perusing pinterest and it really stuck with me. I’m an avid overachiever/multi-tasker/busy body/workaholic and feel like I would benefit from pasting this onto my forehead! It’s important to know your boundaries, learn to say no and find some semblance of balance – something I’ve learnt the hard way!

What is on your nightstand?

My One Line a Day Journal (highly recommend for those of you who like to keep a record of your daily musings, but find it difficult to commit to an entire journal), chapstick (addicted) and my current read. Right now I’m reading John Vailiant’s The Tiger as per my father’s recommendation. I’m about 3 pages in so I’ll let you know how it is!

Favorite Fall 2011 collection?

If we’re talking about clothes here you’re asking the wrong person! I know what I like, and I’m pretty sure I’m capable of throwing together a decent outfit, but I couldn’t tell you my favourite clothing designer let alone an entire collection. Furniture on the other hand? Furniture I know!

Where do you go to relax & escape? What do you take with you?

Definitely my cottage! I instantly feel more at peace the moment I’m near a lake. I usually bring comfy slippers, a bathing suit (or a knit sweater – pending the season), and my boyfriend, Justin. Also, if I have a good playlist going, a bottle of wine and scrabble in tow I’m set.

Best & worst part of your 20's:

The best part of my 20s has been trying to establish what makes me happy. The worst part of my 20s has been trying to establish what makes me happy. I feel that everyone goes through that strange limbo after graduation where you don’t quite know what to do, where to go and who you should be doing and going places with (commonly referred to as the quarter life crisis – of course!) It’s a bit of an uphill climb to figure out where you stand and to sift through that awkward phase between being a kid and being an adult. It’s a definitely grey area, without question. There have been good and bad days, mistakes, challenges, milestones and events worth celebrating. It’s been hard, but it’s gotten me to the point I’m at now and it has, without a doubt, all been worth it!


  1. What a wonderful spotlight on a sweet and beautiful blogger. <3

  2. thank you so much for having me Alexandra!!

    (Christina - you're too kind^)


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