Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kate Spade Deb Wedge

The "it" shoe for any serious working girl.  Don't believe me? Read more via the NY Times here.

"I know. We, the news media, are not supposed to ask female candidates about their hairstyle or their choice of pantsuits over skirts or their shoes. It is irrelevant. It is trivializing. It is sexist. “You would never write about Chuck Schumer’s shoes,” Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand said in a New York magazine article in response to a question about her flats.
But the Kate Spade wedge heels are not just one candidate’s shoes. They seem to be the shoes of a circle of younger women aspiring to power or already in it, women directly and indirectly passing on to one another ways of navigating the particular challenges of being a woman in the public eye. A woman must look put-together, but not as if she is a slave to fashion; she must look groomed, but never be spotted grooming."


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  2. Kate Spade Deb Wedge is impressive! I love the color and style. This will be perfect combination to my womens occasion wear dresses. Thanks for sharing.


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