Monday, November 8, 2010

Out of Office AutoReply: Life

Oftentimes when work gets a little hectic & life seems to be driving me crazy I wish I wasn't so available to everyone.  Yesterday while sitting on the couch during a typical lazy Sunday, without hesitation I bought into the newest messaging craze: Kik Messenger.  This messaging app allows Blackberry, Driod, & IPhone users alike to utilize a messaging service that is similiar to BlackBerryMessenger. (Anyone who knows me - knows that I live for BBM. So sad, but so true.) Messages have either a "D" or an "R" icon next to them - allowing the sender to know if the message was "delivered" or "read" which has always been a major appeal to BBM.  Please let everyone I come in contact know whether I have my phone right in my hand & am reading their messages & not responding.  I shouldn't complain, I am a total sucker for it. 

Monday rolled around & all at once, like a freak tornado - I realized just how available I am.  There are a number of people who can reach me via:

Text message.BBM.Personal email.Work email.Phone call to cell.Phone call to direct work-line.Gchatting me.Tweeting me.Kik Messaging me.Facebooking me.
It is outrageous.  I am all for the newest latest & greatest technology, fastest operating systems & most convenient apps

...until I can no longer get away from anyone.  Somtimes I wish there was an out of office email I could leave periodically for life

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