Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lessons Learned Thus Far

...in a few short months which I am confident will fly right past me - I will be 25

I will have lived a quarter century.  Gross! I get all clammy & anxious just thinking about it.  Am I all of those things I want to be? A great woman, an inspiring older sister, a daughter to be proud of?  Holy moly I still think I have a long way to go! Before I send myself into a downward spiriling emotional state of distress, I'll focus on a few of the things I have learned in the 25 wonderful years I have lived...& can only wish to be so fortunate to live another 25 years filled with many more lessons.

  • No matter what, it will work out in the end.
    • I cannot tell you how many times I have been late for a flight, gotten stuck in security, misplaced my boarding pass, & generally speaking - cut things a liiiittle too close at times.  In the end, there are always two options & life depends on neither.  Make the flight, or get on the next one.  There truly is no reason to stress when life & limb are not depending on it.
  •  You don’t have to get along with everyone, or make everyone like you.
    • I naturally gravitate towards certain people.  I have yet to find a commonality between them, however I know when I like someone, & when I don't.  I'm ok with that.  On the flipside, I am ok with not being everyone's #1.  I can understand why some may not want me in their life - I am alot to handle.
  • Love makes you do funny things.
    • Love made me learn to cook, love convinced me to stop eating my filet mignon well-well-well-done & try it medium.  I now like my steak medium. At times, love trumped things that I had previously held so high in another single life.
  • You always have at least 2 choices, even if you don’t like your choices.
    • You can do what everyone else wants, or you can do what you want.  You can take one under the chin and deal with the bs, or you can choose to lead a life without those who bring negativity. 
  • Our generation has a hard time pulling themselves up by the bootstraps.
    • I am sad to see so many of my peers in their midtwenties dependant upon their parents & lacking ambition. It's a tough world out there & there will constantly be younger starts trying to outshine us. 
  • Everything in your life is your responsibility.
    • Stop blaming the man who didn't offer you the job, the cab driver who didn't go fast enough, & your colleague who didn't do their share of the work.


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