Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Without a shadow of a doubt - I am coveting & obsessing over antique mirrors.  Not the mirrors whose frames are tarnished brass showing years of wear & tear, but the mirrors themselves.  A few months ago  while dining with girlfriends at Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, I could barely pay attention to my meal as I was so transfixed on the oversized antiqued mirrors that adorned the walls.  I currently have a large (4 ft x 3ft) regular plain old boring (as any mirror that isn't antiqued is now boring) mirror hanging over my bed that I am thinking of DIY antiquing.  Any readers have any tips for doing this? I found this DIY how-to to be the most detailed - however I am not sold on spraypainting the back of the mirror gold...

Here are my photos from my inspiration folder - I am praying my mirror will look half as good as these do!

via Elle Decor

via Blossom Interiors

via Emmas Design Blog

via Plush Palate

via This Is Glamorous

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