Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keri Russell + Brooklyn

I was never a huge fan of Brooklyn (other than the Park Slope area) until I saw this.  Look what can be done in Brooklyn!  Her carpenter/hawt contractor/real-man-of-a-hubby used natural refurbished wood throughout the house giving it a serene earthy feel.  Russell chose lightweight fabrics to compliment the various types of woods without drowning them out. How much does this make you drool over the residence (slash him?!)
"Easy to say for a guy whom Russell calls her MacGyver. Deary gutted the place to brick and studs himself, then moved walls to open it up, most notably in the master bath, where now no walls exist at all. The pumpkin-pine floor stayed, though he painstakingly pulled up, numbered, restored, and nailed back every plank. Four 40-foot Dumpsters later, he had turned a warren of suffocating rooms into a stunning, light-filled shell."
Brooklyn is quickly becoming the new West Village - & from these photos I can see why.

images via Elle Decor

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